Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mom, I think I can't make it to school.

"Can't make it to school." is the most dreaded phrase around my house. I know how much my kids love school. When one of them says they cannot go to school they are badly sick or really hurt.
Early this morning my darling boy, Aaron lumbered down the hall to say how miserable he was feeling then proceeded to dash back down the hall to show me how sick he really was. Making a makeshift cot on the floor by my bed we both tried to go back to sleep. Libby had gotten up early too and now snuggled up in bed since my husband was still at work. Funny how quickly a room can fill up when they know daddy won't be home for a couple more hours.
An hour later it was time for school. I woke Libby to tell her to get ready for school. Aaron popped his head from his pillow to say "Mom I don't think I can make it to school." I told I already knew and how sorry I was he was going to have to miss school.
He let me read him a book today. I shared one of my favorites from when I was a kid, Ramona. I savor these times not that he is sick but that I take the day for just him. It doesn't happen often enough. I may have to come up with ways to spend time one on one with my little man.
The same longing comes from our Heavenly Father to have more one on one time with us. I know I need more of that too. If I don't get enough time with God, I feel worn down, worn out and just down right miserable. I think I need some of that godly medicine from my Lord talk to you later.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It made me jump!

A thunder clap just rolled through and it was loud enough to actually make me jump. It got me thinking since it had been a long while since I actually got spooked because of weather. We live in an area that I have grown up with snow, big rain storms that have led to floods, and once I do remember having a tornado in the valley but it was shocking and very rare. After learning to drive in snow during my teen years there was really nothing to fear.
Crackling and clapping of the thunder brought back memories of the second grade of when we could clearly see lightning off in the distance. My teacher taught us that when you see a lightning rod strike the ground to begin counting one Mississippi, two Mississippi until you heard the thunder clap to tell how many miles away the lighting was. We spent the best part of the next hour counting in unison until our ears filled with the noise of thunder.
God has protected me from the fear of weather. Knowing that the wind moves with His word makes me know I cannot do anything to stop it. With His strength I can walk through all things that are laid in my path.
Years ago my daughter, Libby began crying her ears hurting from the sheer volume of noise. Sounding as if the end of our roof had been ripped off the house, I was feared that the huge tree in front of our house had fallen over during a wind storm. Home alone with a new baby I praised God that we were not hurt and hurried to see if we still had a living room. Amazingly, God spared our house minus a couple of shingles and saved our tree. It was not until the neighbors came to check on us did we find out that lightning had hit the house.
God has the great ability to calm our fears and give us comfort. The easiest way I know how to receive this gift from God is just to simply ask. Pray for his protection. Ephesians 6:10 - 18 is the armor of God and is the made for a protection prayer.