Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stroke of Luck?

Stroke of luck is what most people would call it. I call it a blessing from God. I got to see my girls last Friday. My oldest Lexy has moved from Utah to Idaho with her mom and I know that our visits will be fewer and fewer. My Saidie girl who has been missing in action since she got a new step mom a couple years ago was with her biological mom and they together came to my house to pick up Lexy who had came by for a visit while Lexy and their mom were in town.

In the past at this point in a story, a friend would ask "so tell me again how are they your girls?" My girls are as stated before not my biological daughters. My husband is not their biological dad. When I married my first husband, Lexy's dad, I got what I called an "insta" family. She turned four the month after we were married.

Sweet, darling, little, tiny actually girl always acting years older than needed to be stole my heart. After our first six months of marriage Lexy's mom had an issue with daycare and asked for our help. I began to take care of Lexy weekdays from noon until five. As a bonus her two year old half sister, Saidie came along and joined our family.

I know most of the time I think it would be easier with a pull out chart but isn't the way with most blended families. We live in a time where blended families are the norm and I am proud to say I am a part of it. The Lord has allowed opportunity for me to have a legacy in Him for all three of my daughters and my son.

So glad I got to physically put my arms around my girls. Love seeing how they are growing into women. I praise God even on the hard days for the blessing of blended family and allowing me to serve them as a step mom.

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