Saturday, March 6, 2010

Laughter helps the Mothering go Down

After going to a gymnastic meet with Libby and her Girl Scout Troop, I had a couple of girls in my car for a trip home. The two of them were just gabbing, talking about movies and funny things which got us all laughing.

Laughing energizes me, renews my well being. To survive motherhood without completely losing myself, I need to find amusement anywhere I can, even if it is just the way a name sounds, TODD. So after making up songs and saying other names that made us laugh we were too quickly home and inside recapping our night at the meet.

It refreshed my mind to why I had kids in the first place. I find it hard to always be that kind of person who always find the good in others and not get bogged down with issues that present themselves.

I just love when I have had the roughest times with my kids and then I get to see them in a situation outside our house. The kids are kind and funny.

I don't only want to just be the disciplinarian but to actually like the people I am raising. When I spend time with them when they are older will it because they are my kids or that I really enjoy them?