Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blessing of Peaceful Mind

As I continue on my attitude of gratitude, I have to apologize for not posting the last few days. My desire to share thankfulness is still going strong and when things got crazy this week I had great foundation already in my head to look back on to give me a sense of tranquility.

My daughter took a really bad fall last night while trying to give her brother back a stuffed animal before bed. I was down the hall and out of sight of her when I heard a big noise followed by a scream for dad and mom. Alan being closer to her than I was got to her first and shouted for a towel as I came down the hall.

A bit confused I went back to the kitchen for a towel. Upon returning within seconds of Libby's tumble quite a puddle of blood was on our floor. Not quite sure of where it was all coming from I began to ask questions. Before I got any real answers Alan sent me back for a few more towels and our son, Aaron went for ice.

After gathering up supplies I headed back to my Lib. By the time I returned, Alan had discovered the blood was all from her nose and she had begun calming down. Helping her up, we headed to the kitchen and sat her down. While we waited and tended to Lib's nose minute after minute passed and I started to feel a bit panicky. Aaron and I had said a quick prayer after getting Lib in a chair but I felt an uneasiness welling up inside of me.

Praying again quietly to myself, the anxiety left me as I began remembering she is not only my child but my sister in Christ. Peacefully I was reminded of my sweet daughter that at even the early age of 10 has a great love for the Lord. I thought of how amazed I felt when the first thing she asked for a Christmas gift was a nativity. Her desire never wavered, steadfast she repeated her desire to all that asked her what she wanted.

I have always struggled with showing my appreciation for the blessings around me. I have learned an invaluable lesson this holiday season by the examples of others. So many took a challenge to express their gratitude for a couple of weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. I felt remorse that I didn't share any of blessings at that time and felt compelled to share them this Christmas Season.

Sharing how God has blessed me, changed my focus to have more of a positive outlook and gave me reassurance to have peace during a difficult situation. I am so grateful for having a daughter who has begun her own relationship with the Savior and that my lovable girl who now has a growing collection because she received an abundance of differing nativities.

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